Membership Benefits

Here’s a track record for the growing momentum over the previous two years.

Held numerous BSCU Leadership Forums around the state
BSCU was highlighted on Sirius XM’s Maggie Linton Show.
BSCU was written about in the California Black Minds news publication
BSCU was honored and praised on the state assembly floor!
BSCU had 48 member schools in 2017-18!!
BSCU held 2 Leadership Conferences
BSCU elected 30 Youth Senators
BSCU held 2 Black Minds Matter Rallies at the State Capitol
BSCU hosted 2 Black Minds Matter Competitions with cash prizes
BSCU was recognized & praised on the senate floor by Sen. Holly Mitchell
BSCU delegates met with Assemblywoman Shirley Weber & local representatives
BSCU delegates heard Mayor Michael Tubbs speak
BSCU delegates heard cultural historians, Tony Browder & Chike Akua
BSCU delegates started the Postcard Power Campaign
BSCU awarded 12 scholarships; Academic Excellence, Michael Tubbs Social Activism, Community Service, President’s Leadership Award, & Secretary’s Alumni Award
BSCU members received community Health Ambassador training
BSCU delegates received BSCU lanyards and backpacks
BSCU delegates received free passes for STEM tours
BSCU developed a free lending library of videos for BSU member advisors
BSCU Youth Senators attended a free summer leadership camp and BSCU retreat
BSCU launched a website which includes member-only resources for instant BSU meetings and lessons
BSCU developed an Advisor Guide to start and grow BSUs (updated for 2018-19)
BSCU is now a 501c3non-profit with both state & federal tax exemptions

Below is a partial list of resources available to you to borrow as a BSCU member

For Loan Only
“True Son” a 71 minute documentary of how Michael Tubbs began his political career. He has since gone from high school BSU member to mayor an addressed the BSCU delegates at the Black Minds Matter Rally! This is great to show during the midterm election season. (DVD)
“The Empire Lecture: How Media Scandalizes and Gets Away With Murder of Black Culture” by Tony Browder(DVD)
“Catching Your Breath & Finding Voice in Post Ferguson America: What Black Folk Must Do Now” DVD by Tony Browder
“The Children’s March” (DVD + teacher’s guide)
“A Time For Justice” (DVD + teacher’s guide)
Available on BSCU Website: Instant BSU Meeting (Advisor Resources)
Explosive “Taking A Knee”
The Trump Effect photo and discussion questions
I Sued the School System video and discussion questions
Black Bruins video and discussion questions
Tulsa Race Riots of 1921 video and discussion questions
HBCUs photo and discussion questions
I Too Am America poem and discussion questions
School Integration photo and discussion questions
Theresa Burroughs audio clip and discussion questions
POTUS Farewell Speech discussion questions
FLOTUS Farewell Speech discussion questions
Mayor Michael Tubbs Inaugural Speech + discussion guide
NFL Hall of Fame video and discussion questions
All Def Poetry video and discussion questions
Harvard Law Review Black Female President
The Black Cyclone photos and discussion questions
1st Black Celebrity Designer photos and discussion questions
A Lost Generation? video and discussion questions
The BSCU Postcard Power Campaign template & directions
BSCU Advisor Guide how to set up and organize your club
(Many more once you join and get your PIN.)