Health Ambassador

The Black Students United of California (BSCU) is building a network of Health Ambassador-Advocates (HA-A) to focus on one of the top concerns of African Americans statewide, health and well-being.
Both Mental and Physical Health Maintenance Habits and Practices Training are a part of BSCU’s overall program of youth and student development and is aligned with BSCU’s organizational values focused on self-determination and interdependence. To that end, BSCU’s HA-A’s will go through an approved training course about general health and well-being, the social determinants of health in California’s African American community, leading health issues affecting African Americans (including type 2 diabetes), positive health and well-being practices to combat those leading health issues and education/training related to health advocacy in both policy and practice in communities and statewide.
Training and education of BSCU’s HA-A’s will commence at the beginning of each school year at the BSCU chapter meetings statewide, including BSU school site meetings, via BSCU’s webpage / online portal and at its annual Leadership Conference and Black Minds Matter Competition (bi-annual). Training and education will be conducted via workshop, webinars, and online postings. This session and the course of education and training mentioned above will prepare students to serve as HA-A’s and to participate in the student lead BSCU Senatorial District convening’s. ​
The comprehensive focus of these activities is to prepare students to lead the BSCU debate on current health and well-being issues concerning African Americans in communities and at the state legislature, to construct health and well-being solutions that positively affect California’s African American community and to serve as advocates in their communities and throughout the state to promote the cause of healthy Black people and healthy Black families in California.

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