Leadership Conference

  • You must be a member of the BSCU in order to attend the 2020 Annual Conference Leadership. Registration Packets will be available only in the Advisors BSCU Account. All students must be accompanied by an adult and monitored at all times.
  • For more information, contact the BSCU Leadership Team at (916) 794-2728 (BSCU), leave a message and your call will be returned or via email at contact@blackstudentscu.us.
  • Registration information including total costs will be available by the end of April. Group Registration will open in August 2019, so get those Overnight Trip Requests turned in NOW so you are ready to reserve your spot. The 2019 Conference SOLD OUT and schools were turned away…Don’t be left out!!


  1. All delegates are to carry themselves with pride and follow their respective school and district behavior and dress policies.
  2. The advisors and chaperones are completely responsible for their delegates and should know of their whereabouts at all times.
  3. There must be at least 1 registered advisor or adult chaperone for every 8 delegates.
  4. Cellular phones or electronic devices are not to be used during conference sessions.
  5. No alcoholic beverages, drugs, or smoking is permitted at BSCU events.
  6. All advisors, co-advisors, and chaperones must be 21 years of age or older.
  7. No outside phone calls are to be charged to the hotel room. Room to room calls only are allowed.
  8. All delegates must attend all scheduled functions. No delegates are to be in their rooms during conference time unless ill and with an adult chaperone.
  9. Conference badges and wristbands must be worn at all times. Delegates will not be allowed into activities, or receive meals without showing both badge and wristband.
  10. BSCU delegates must wear proper attire. Friday’s dress code is Dress with Pride. (club shirts, pride shirts, empowering shirts, etc.) Saturday’s daytime dress code is Business Professional. Saturday night’s dress code is formal or African attire. Students will not be admitted to events without proper attire. Sunday is BSCU shirts or casual.

Keynote Speakers for 2020 Conference

Kyna Clemons (Friday)

Keynote Speakers for 2020 Conference

Dr. Wade Nobles (Saturday AM)

Keynote Speakers for 2020 Conference

Runoko Rashidi (Saturday PM)

Conference Sponsors

The BSCU Youth Senate will be hosting a Community Impact project during the 2020 Black Excellence Conference. The focus will be on Literacy and they are requesting that each school bring 100 books, or more, on behalf of the BSCU. Learn more about Reading Heart at www.readingheart.org