Wow! Look What BSCU Did!!

In just 9 months, the Black Students of California has accomplished the following;

  • Held 4 free BSCU Leadership Forums in 2016
  • BSCU Leadership team members attended the NMAAHC grand opening in DC
  • BSCU was highlighted on Sirius XM’s Maggie Linton Show.
  • BSCU was written about in the California Black Minds news publication
  • BSCU has 25 member schools in only 6 months
  • BSCU held its inaugural Leadership Conference in March
  • BSCU held 2nd Black Minds Matter Rally at the State Capitol
  • BSCU was recognized & praised on senate floor by Sen. Holly Mitchell
  • BSCU delegates met with Assemblywoman Shirley Weber
  • BSCU delegates heard Mayor Michael Tubbs speak
  • BSCU delegates heard cultural historian, Tony Browder
  • BSCU delegates stated the Postcard Power campaign
  • BSCU awarded 4 scholarships; 1 Academic Excellence, 2 Michael Tubbs Social Activism, & 1 Community Service
  • BSCU members are receiving community Health Ambassador training
  • BSCU delegates received inaugural year lanyards and backpacks
  • BSCU developed a lending library of videos for advisors
  • BSCU launched a website which includes member-only resources for instant BSU meetings and lessons
  • BSCU developed an Advisor Guide to start and grow BSUs

BSCU is endorsed and/or sponsored by;

  • The California Endowment
  • ABEN
  • California Black Health Network
  • Black College Expo
  • Ed Trust West
  • Fresno Unified School District
  • BEASUSD of Stockton Unified School District

What’s Being Planned?

  • BSCU Youth Advisory Council appointments!
  • BSCU Leadership Forum at UC Merced in October 2017!
  • BSCU Black Minds Matter Competition in January 2018!
  • BSCU 2nd Leadership Conference in San Jose!
  • Visits to STEM related businesses!
  • Election of 40 BSCU Youth Senators!
  • Junior High BSU program!

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