Youth Senate

The election of our BSCU Youth Senators will be held during our Leadership Conference in March 2020. You must be present to run for office. Your club must be a paid BSCU member in good standing.

The BSCU Youth Senators are elected to represent the member schools and clubs in their state senatorial districts. They are charged to report their district’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the BSCU. BSCU Youth Senators will also assist the Executive Board & Advisory Council with planning.


Youth Senators represent the student members of the Black Students of California United. Youth Senators learn the issues and concerns of their constituents and report back to the Executive Board. Youth Senators also share the positive and empowering events occurring in their areas. Youth Senators will have a voice in planning all BSCU Leadership Forums and Conferences. Youth Senators will also help plan and lead the BSCU Day of Activism and BSCU Black Minds Matter Rally.

According to Article 4 of our BSCU Constitution, once elected to the Youth Senate, Senators will self-elect the offices of President Pro-tem, Vice President Pro-tem, Secretary, Parliamentarian and Sergeant at Arms modeling the California State Senate.

Candidates for Youth Senator ​must prepare a speech​ (no more than 3 minutes) to be delivered to the body. Candidates ​may also prepare a 2 minutes video clip​ that will be posted to the BSCU website. Candidates may bring posters, flyers, or any advisor approved campaign materials.

The election of Youth Senators will be one vote per student delegate. All votes will be private and done electronically using a cellular phone or tablet. Paper voting ballots will also be made available for those unable to vote electronically.

Elected Youth Senators will be trained at the free 2-day BSCU Summer Leadership Institute and required to attend. The venue, at no cost to the Youth Senate, will be announced and posted on the BSCU website. 

2020 Youth Senate Applications are in your Student Dashboard.